Company Philosophy

Yokohama Industries Americas (YIA) strives to provide the best conditions of employment and the greatest opportunity for advancement for each employee. The safety and well-being of our employees is and will remain of prime importance to YIA and its management. YIA believes in providing each employee the opportunity for meaningful and rewarding employment in a safe and healthful working environment. YIA wants each of its employees to have the freedom necessary to exercise his talents and skills to the fullest extent possible.  

We want employees to constantly challenge the norm and therefore we urge employees to exercise creativity and openness among their supervisors and peers. We strive to have employees be proud of their work place and take a sincere interest in what they are doing and give their best every day. It is through these personal characteristics and philosophies that we will succeed in exceeding customer expectations in the areas of Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Service.  

YIA seeks to create a partnership with each and every customer and supplier.  It is through such partnerships that we will achieve mutual success for the long term.  This company philosophy is intended to inform you of some of YIA’s beliefs, goals, and aspirations concerning its operations.