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Yokohama Rubber Holds Opening Ceremony for Automotive Hose Assembly Plant in Mexico

May 27, 2015

Tokyo ‒ The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., announced today that it held an opening ceremony for its recently completed automotive hose assembly plant at the San Francisco Industrial Park Phase IV in Aguascalientes, Mexico. The opening ceremony was attended by Yokohama Rubber’s Takao Oishi, Director and Senior Managing Corporate Officer, President of Multiple Business, and some 40 invited guests, including Aguascalientes Governor Mr. Carlos Lozano de la Torre, San Francisco mayor Ms. Margarita Gallegos Soto, and representatives of automobile makers and air-conditioning system makers with plants in Aguascalientes.

As the Company's representative, Mr. Oishi greeted the attending guests with the following words; "Today’s plant opening is the culmination of a long process that began when Yokohama Rubber decided to establish of a hose assembly plant here in Aguascalientes. Economic strength combined with a strong and well educated work force is why Yokohama Rubber chose to establish itself in this great state of Aguascalientes. I would like to extend my most sincere gratitude to Governor Mr. Carlos Lozano de la Torre and all of you in attendance today for the Grand Opening Ceremony of the Yokohama Industries Americas Aguascalientes Plant. We will develop an efficient production system and a strong supply base in Mexico to meet the growing market demands of our customers."

The new hose assembly plant began operations in January 2015 as the Mexican production base of Yokohama Rubber’s wholly owned subsidiary Yokohama Industries Americas Inc. The plant will assemble automotive hoses, including air-conditioner hoses and hoses for transmission oil coolers. Its output will be sold to automobile makers in Mexico.

The San Francisco Industrial Park Phase IV is conveniently located in the northern part of Aguascalientes, about 40‒50 minutes by car from Aguascalientes International Airport. Yokohama Rubber decided to locate its plant in this location because Aguascalientes has the highest economic growth rate of any Mexican state and a labor force that is expected to provide the plant with excellent workers.

Outline of new hose assembly plant
Plant name: Aguascalientes Plant of Yokohama Industries Americas Inc.
Plant’s location: San Francisco Industrial Park Phase IV in the State of Aguascalientes
Building area: 2,300 square meters
Products: Automotive hose assemblies, metal fittings
Startup date: January 2015